About Us
PSR Electronics, LLC is an Electronics Design, Assembly and Test Company for your Contract Electronics Needs. 

Engineering Personnel available for your Designs include Phillip Reingold a Graduate Electrical Engineer with 36 years experience and 2 patents to his credit, Jack Sopher an Electrical Engineer with 46 years experience and several patents to his credit, Kip Norby a Mechanical Design Consultant,  Jim Spotts a Software Programmer with 40 years experience to his credit and a host of other partners that can be called in if necessary on your projects.
Located in Scenic Mukilteo, Washington Just north of Seattle, We are available to your Electronic Design Needs, Your Assembly Needs and Testing as well.
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The Team

  • Phil Reingold BSEE
  • Jack Sopher BSEE
  • Kip Norby Mech Design
  • Jim Spotts Software
  • Anthony Scarpa BSEE
  • Other Contributors