• Batteries & Battery Charging

  • Lithium Ion Batteries
        The Lithium Ion Battery is the current highest density battery     
        available.  Available in AA, AAA, 18650, Pouch as well as a variety
        of other packages.  It is important that this technology be used
        in a safe manner both in discharging use and charging use as it
        is potentially flammable in the right circumstances.  Environment
        as well as the application use for this type of battery is very 
        important.  The nominal operating voltage at full charge when not
        in a charge mode would be 3.7V. When fully charged and      
        charging,the voltage at full charge would be 4.2V. When charging
        this battery the best method is to use constant current until close   
        to the full charge condition at which point constant volts is used.